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Budget for a 15 days trip in Cuba

I had been traveling Cuba for 2 weeks and experienced several places during my trip: La Habana, Viñales, Varadero, Playa Larga, and Trinidad. My budget for a 15 days trip was 600 euros. I tried to travel and to experience as much as I could by the cheapest way in this extraordinary country. The island is poor but this is not a cheap destination as there are 2 currencies: one for the locals (CUP) and another one for the tourists (CUC) and 1 CUC= 1$. My trip in Cuba costs me approximately 550 euros (without flight): budget respected and fuldilled mission!

You have to know that nothing is for free like the Cubans are trying to earn money as they can (especially in La Havana). As a tourist, we pay the strong price but watch out for prices and if it seems more costly than usual, do not hesitate to negotiate. The best thing to do and that I recommend is to find out approximately what the prices are for your activities and your journeys before leaving. That way you will be able to not get screwed too much in the first place (which I didn’t do). Moreover, you can try to negotiate prices but not too much, they don’t really like it, it is not part of the local culture.

I wasted way more money during the first week than the second, time to understand how the country is working. Obviously, I felt in some scams, like every tourist in the first times. But be reassured, nothing serious. The country is amazing and you will love the Cuban’s joy of life. Here is the detail of my budget for a 15 days trip in Cuba.


I have been traveling by myself, so I’ve paid for rooms of 2 to 4 people in guesthouses called “casa particular”. If you are several to travel it will cost you way less like you will share these prices. Moreover, for the last week of my travel, I didn’t book the nights on the net but directly with the casas in which I staid. As there is a poor connection to the net, Cuba is working a lot with word of mouth. Indeed, the families in which I staid were able to contact other guesthouses in the desired cities for the desired budget (10 CUC by night) as it was the low season.

3 nights in a casa particular in La Habana: 50 euros
4 nights in Viñales: 49 euros
2 nights in Varadero: 73,74 euros
2 nights in Playa Larga (with direct negociations) 20 CUC
3 nights in Trinidad (with direct negociations) 30 CUC


You can find taxi easily in Cuba but this is not the cheapest way to move around. The cheapest option is the bus Viazul. There are daily trips to the main cities of the island. You must book your trips a few days in advance as the buses fill up quickly. Otherway, you can book collective taxi with your casa or in a travel agency. You have to know that the price with the casa will be more expensive as they take a commission.

Taxi from the airport to my casa particular in La Havana: 30 CUC
Collective taxi La Havana-Viñales: 25 CUC
Bus Viazul La Habana-Varadero: 22 CUC
Bus Viazul Varadero- Playa Larga: 7 CUC
Bus Viazul Playa Larga-Trinidad 15 CUC
Bus Viazul Trinidad- La HaVana 22 CUC
Collective Taxi Terminal Viazul in La Havana to the city center 5 CUC


Every meal that I have taken in casas were really generous and good. I recommend taking breakfast in the guesthouses because it is not so easy to find a place for it outside and it will never be as cheap and generous as the casas. Concerning the restaurants, it will depend on the area and if it is a touristic one.

Breakfast in casa: 5 CUC
Lunch in casa: 10 CUC
Langosta in a restaurant in La Havane: 15 CUC
Garlic Shrimps in Vicaria restaurant in Varadero: 6,50 CUC
Garlic fish in a restaurant in Trinidad: 9,50 CUC
Mojito in Viñales Valley: 3 CUC
Lemonade in every bar: 1 CUC
Bottle of water 50 cl: 1 CUC


Habanabustour: 10 CUC/ 1 day
Visit of José Marty’s museum and the overview: 6 CUC
Promenade with horses in Viñales valley for 4 hours including tobacco farm visit: 25 CUC
Trip to Cayo Jutias with collective taxi from Viñales: 20 CUC
Taxi from Vinñales to the Hotel Los Jazmines overview to watch the sunrise: 5 CUC
Rent for a bicycle in Playa Larga: 5 CUC/ day
Excursion in “La valley de los ingenios” with horses in Trinidad: 15 CUC
Rent for a bicycle in Trinidad to go to Playa Ancon: 6 CUC/ day


Wifi card for 1 hour and a drink at the Central parc hotel in La Habana: 4 CUC
Wifi card for 5 hours: 5 CUC
10 Viñales pur cigars with the palm leaf for the conservation: 40 CUC

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