About me

Hi everybody, I am Nelly, a young travel addict and I am glad to share all my stories and tips about the different destinations and countries that I had been traveling in this blog.

But first of all, everything began when I finished my studies in Human Ressources in 2016, basically, I had two choices:

-To accept an attractive job offer and start my career as a recruitment consultant

-To go for an adventure on a road trip in Australia with friends

Considering the title of my blog, no surprise, I have chosen to listen to the little adventurer in my heart and go for what I was thinking to be the travel of my life, without thinking that it would actually be the first of a long list.

Indeed, the taste for travel never left me again and my thirst for discovery is never satisfied. When I came back to France in August 2017 I directly started to search for my new job and I found it really quickly: in Portugal. I started to work as an account manager in e-business in Lisbon in October and stayed there more than a year. It was a really good experience to which I will come back later.

Now I am back to France for 3 months working and waiting to be drawn for the very covetedĀ  Working Holliday Visa for Canada (that’s another story) and preparing my next trip to Central America that I will share on this blog soon!

3 years ago I really thought I would have the everyone’s life: finding a job and then getting into debt to buy a house but fate wanted otherwise and here I am a globe trotter alternating between travel and expatriation all around the world.

I do not absolutely regret this choice even if being away from family and friends is not always easy, especially if you are a person close to your loved ones like I am.

You are discovering so much about the world and about yourself when you are traveling and get out of your comfort zone that I will always advise you to follow this little voice in your heart that tells you to not always follow what the others and the society want you to do.

In conclusion, be free and open your mind you won’t regret it.

“We never go as far as when we do not know where we go”

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