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5 excursions around Lisbon

Lisbon is a city full of surprises and there is a lot of things to discover. You are not gonna get bored even if you stay more than a week. Once you have visited the must-see places you can go discover the surroundings, which are as rich and diversified as the city. You can easily get to most of the places by public transport, the advantage of being in a capital. Between history, nature, and relax. Here are 5 excursions around Lisbon.


This is the westernmost point in continental Europe. At the top of the cliff stands the lighthouse with a magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean. From there you can admire the vastness of the landscape and the power of the waves that break the cliffs all day long. Until the 14th century, it was believed that the wild rocks, constantly swept by strong winds, represented the end of the world.  Once you have admired the view and visited the lighthouse, you can walk along the cliffs by a hiking trail. The walk is pleasant and you can access several beaches by this path. I personally enjoy the view and then hike until the beach “Praia da Ursa” that is situated about 20 minutes walk from the lighthouse.

How to get there?

You will need to take the train until Cascais and then catch the bus 403, it will take around 80  and 90 minutes. There is also a bus from Sintra that brings you there.

Cabo Da Roca-Portugal


Small but beautiful seaside city, it is known and appreciated for its sandy beaches and the lively marina. You will also appreciate the beauty and the charm of this uplifted place. The city is known as the St Tropez of Portugal because the hight Portuguese sphere used to live there. You can notify huge villas with sumptuous gardens and admire the architecture of the XIX century which makes it a very pleasant city. You can find a large choice of bars and restaurants all around the city or enjoy street food on the marina in summer. There are also beaches where you can relax and sunbath even if it is quite full during the high season.

How to get there?

Easy peasy, you will need to catch the train at Cais do Sodré in Lisbon and take the Cascais line. Get out at the terminal station and here you are. It will take around 50 minutes.



The city of Sintra is located in the heart of the Serra da Sintra, which is home to extravagant palaces, historical fortifications and castles, and enchanting gardens. It is more than a beautiful city but it is a totally alluring one. It is one of the most famous excursions around Lisbon so it is pretty full during the high season. There is so much to see that one day will not be enough if you want to see everything. The most popular places to visit there are:

The Pena Palace and his huge garden. Personally my favorite one. If you don’t have much time, I recommend to take just the entrance for the garden, you will have a lot to see and could go around the Palace and into his fortifications that is for me, the must-see of this place.

The Quinta da Regoleira and his mysterious garden. You are gonna discover a crazy garden which is full of surprises, my second favorite.

The castle of the moors. This ruined castle is situated high up on the Sintra Mountains and will offer you a really nice view.

You can also try local food in the city like the Ginga, a cherry liquor that is degustated with a chocolate shooter for one or two euros, I am totally a fan of this specialty. You can find more informations to organize your trip on the lonely.planet.

How to get there?

You can take a train from Lisbon direction Sintra and get ou at the terminal it will take around 50 minutes. There is also a bus from Cascais.



Setubal is a small port city offering activities and beautiful landscapes. The city is situated next to the natural parc of the Serra de Arrabida which offers beaches classified among the most beautiful in Portugal. The coast is composed of small coves between the green cliffs that offer fine sandy beaches bordered by transparent and turquoise water. It should be noted that some of the beaches are quite difficult to access, particularly by car due to the lack of parking along the road.

You will probably need to walk or hike a bit, that is part of the game. The more accessible beaches from the city are “Albarquel beach” that is just at the entrance of the city or  “Figueirinha beach” that is a bit further in the Arrabida Parc. There is a bus in summer that bring you from the city to this beach. You can also share a uber that is not more than 15 euros to go there or park your car in front of the beach if you have one. If you want to the most hidden beaches like “Galapos beach” or “Coelho beach” a car or a scooter would help you or you can go by walk from Figueirinha beach if you are not lazy.

How to get there?

You can catch the bus line 562 from the train station Oriente, the journey takes 40 minutes. You can also catch the train from the station Campolide, it will take 50 minutes.


Ericeira is a pretty fishing town located along a coastline with exceptional surf beaches. These beaches and waves attract surfers from the world, that make Ericeira a dynamic city which combines Portuguese tradition and modernism. you can find very good hotels, a lively nightlife, and excellent tourist facilities.

Ericeira is a kind of fusion between Portugal’s heritage and the relaxed “surfer” atmosphere: small fisherman’s huts are located right next to trendy bars and cafés. You can relax on its sumptuous beaches surrounded by cliffs and seafood that have made it famous.

How to get there?

You can rent a car for a day and go from Lisbon to Ericeira, the journey takes 50 minutes. You can also go by bus from the station Campo Grande and catch a bus from the company Mafrense. It will take around 60 to 90 minutes depending on the hour of departure.


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